Studio II

The Production Setup

Perfect for tracking vocals or acoustic instruments our production setup makes ‘quick punch’ recording incredibly easy.  Studio II is designed for one on one recording sessions and we have the perfect system to meet our requirements. 

The ease, fluidity & control that this setup brings is unmatched and we’re keen to keep the hits rolling!

Ultimate Isolation

We designed our isolation booth to hand-in-hand with the control room, creating an intimate setting for writing, production & recording with seamless communication through the large window. The double-skin booth is roomy and built for the artist to focus and enjoy the process.

We also have 2 x speaker lines returning into the booth for routing flexibility when working on guitars or reamping during the mixing process. 



  • Antelope Synergy Core 8 Interface,
  • 2018 Apple Mac Mini (Six Core, 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, 1TB HD)
  • GA 1073 MKIII
  • Antelope Modelling Microphone
  • EBS 3 way Main Monitors
  • Genelec 8020
  • Pro Tools 2020
  • Logic X
  • Waves Collection
  • Fab Filter
  • Steven Slate Drums & Slate Digital Collection
  • M-Audio Midi Keyboard


  • Kitchenette and Toilet Area
  • Access by small steps
  • Access to our selection of backline
  • Access to our Microphone Collection
  • Secure Access with CCTV 

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