Welcome to Electric Bear Studios

Since 2012, Electric Bear Studios has firmly established itself as go-to destination for creatives, brands and agencies looking for audio recording and music production not only in Nottinghamshire, but all over the world.  We’re on a mission to help nurture creative talent whilst enabling them to influence the world through music.


Electric Bear Studios was originally founded in 2011 by musician Simon Hopkinson, driven by his vision to establish a recording studio in Mansfield that would cater to the needs of the local community, providing high-quality recording services.


For years, Electric Bear Studios has served as a vibrant creative hub for numerous artists, brands, and agencies around the world, collaborating to create exceptional content aimed at influencing their audiences through the power of music.


Our overarching mission is to embrace creative talent, providing grassroots artists with opportunities to make a meaningful impact on the world through their music. Whether working independently, under management, with a label, or contracted for larger projects with agencies or brands, we are dedicated to actively supporting our community every step of the way.


 A platform for music creators to NetworkPromote and Support Releases, Get Song Feedback, Announcements, Offers, Freebies, Opportunities and more!