Studio I

Rare 1985 Vintage Neotek Elite Console

It’s not everyday we get the opportunity to invest in an iconic, legendary, heritage mixing console like this one! This Californian console was built in 1985 by a company called Neotek and shipped to the UK, we’re not sure at what point but we can announce it was previously owned by Elton John’s Rocket Man Studio for a fair few years. In 2019 we made the leap to take ownership of the desk from The Park Studios in Brighton.

The console includes 32 Class A microphone pre amps, American desk EQs and insert points which enables ultimate tracking flexibility when in the creative process. All routed through the central TT Patch Bays enabling Pro Tools Recording/Recall, Multiple Room sends/returns and flexibility at any point of the signal path.

Isolation Booth

What is a recording studio without a sound isolating booth? Our studio I isolation booth has been designed for complete deadening of any sound source. Perfect for Vocals, Amps or Small Acoustic Instruments our booth captures the source eliminating any standing waves within the room.

The booth includes 8 neutrik balanced microphone sends and 4 returns, no expense spared.


  • 1986 Vintage Neotek Elite Console formerly owed by Elton John’s Studio
  • Pro Tools 2021 HD Native System with HW
  • Apple Mac Pro (Quad Core, 16GB RAM, 6 TB HD)
  • PMC TwoTwo 6
  • Avantone Mixcube, 
  • Logic X
  • Waves Collection
  • iZotope
  • Fab Filter
  • Steven Slate Drums & Slate Digital Collection


  • Kitchenette and Toilet Area
  • Complete Disabled Access
  • Access to our selection of backline
  • Access to our Microphone Collection
  • Secure Access with CCTV 

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