Build a Home Recording Studio

An in-person workshop that you’ll leave knowing exactly what setup works for you, what gear you should have, and how to setup your home studio like a pro.

What's included

Room Acoustics

Workstation Setup

Recording Process

Audio Interfaces

Microphone & DIs



Blueprint Creation

Who's it made for?

Musicians, Artists and Individuals with an interest building or bettering their home recording studio

Why should you join?

Cut down on wasted time, hassle, and cash by tapping into direct insights from a commercial studio, complete with Q&A sessions.

Leave with a tailor-made blueprint for your home studio setup, ready for instant implementation.

Get the lowdown on home studio basics straight from a commercial studio’s perspective and start cranking out killer projects like a pro.

Where is this held?

This workshop is hosted at our studio in Mansfield.

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