Studio II

at Electric Bear Studios, Mansfield

Digidesign Control 24 Setup

Perfect for tracking vocals or acoustic instruments our Digidesign controller makes ‘quick punch’ recording incredibly easy.  Studio II is designed for one on one recording sessions and we have the perfect system to meet our requirements. 

The ease, fluidity & control that this desk brings is unmatched and after being around artist’s like Lethal Bizzle it’s seen some history in the making, we’re keen to keep the hits rolling!

Ultimate Isolation

We designed our isolation booth to hand-in-hand with the control room, creating an intimate setting for writing, production & recording with seamless communication through the large window. The double-skin booth is roomy and built for the artist to focus and enjoy the process.

We also have 2 x speaker lines returning into the booth for routing flexibility when working on guitars or reamping during the mixing process. 


We have installed a Digidesign 192 TDM system paired alongside Pro Tools 10 HD1 with plenty of Mac Pro processing power.  Industry leading AD/DA conversion for incredible results!

Flat Monitoring

We designed our very own flat response, 3 way, main monitors to pair with our Genelec 8020’s.  A great combination for true representation of the music you’re creating.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Our engineers designed, built and perfected the aesthetics of Studio II to help enhance creativity.  Each angle has been thought through to help boost your positivity!


Digidesign Control 24


Pro Tools HD1 Rig, Digidesign TDM 192 8x8x8 Interface, Apple Mac Pro (Eight Core, 16GB RAM, 3 TB HD)

Pre Amps

GA 1073 MKIII, Behringer MIC2200 Ultragain Pro


Electric Bear Studios 3 way Main Monitors, Genelec 8020

Software & Plugins

Pro Tools 10HD, Logic X, Full Waves Collection, Guitar Rig, Drumagog, Steven Slate Drums, Slate Digital Collection, Plus 100’s More!


Kemper Profiling Amp, Novation MIDI Controller / Keyboard


AKG D112, 414 XLS, 451, P5, C1000 – Shure SM57, SM58, SM7B Sennheiser MD421 – MXL 990 – Rode NT-1, NT-2 – Audix D6 Western Vintage 1962 633a ‘Saltshaker’, Aston Spirit, Starlight – Avantone CV-12

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