Mixing and Mastering

Turning a recording into a completed production

Get your mix just right

It is paramount that once a project is completed the audio translates efficiently for everyone to hear. 

There is nothing worse than spending many hours on a recording, only to find that the final master doesn’t sound good.

post production

Vocal Tuning

We can edit the pitch of a vocal to realign any incorrect notes to the correct ones or to control the individual range of a note

Rhythm Editing

We can realign single or multiple tracks to the correct rhythm if something is slightly out of time.  Perfect for Drum Kits

Multitrack Mixing

Supply us with high quality multitracks to enable our engineer to complete a professional mix of your track


We offer both Stem Mastering and Stereo Mastering options to finalise your track within your session

Mixing and Mastering Options

We always include TWO complimentary mix revisions at no additional cost with every project

Studio Session

Work with an engineer, face to face, to ensure you get exactly the result you’re looking for

Online / Remote

Work with an engineer online, send your files and let us work our magic

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