Mixing and Mastering

Face to face mixing and mastering sessions with us in the studio

Get your mix just right

✔️ Face2Face mixing and and mastering sessions with an engineer
✔️ Instant communication for amendments
✔️ Bring your own stems or multi-tracks
✔️ You keep 100% of the Copyright
✔️ We use secure servers to protect your work
✔️ Supplied as 16bit 44.1kHz WAV & 320kbps MP3 files

mixing and mastering sessions

Mixing and Mastering

Multitrack Mixing

Supply us with high quality multitracks to enable our engineer to complete a professional mix of your track


We offer both Stem Mastering and Stereo Mastering options to finalise your track within your session

Vocal Tuning

We can edit the pitch of a vocal to realign any incorrect notes to the correct ones or to control the individual range of a note

Rhythm Editting

We can realign single or multiple tracks to the correct rhythm if something is slightly out of time.  Perfect for Drum Kits

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We simply charge £35 per hour.

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