Live Performances

Capture your sound live in the studio for your audience to connect with.


The music production company that you've been looking for...

If you want to engage an audience by creating a unique song that encapsulates your creativity whilst sharing your story, Electric Bear Studios is the music production studio for you.

We understand that your music is an extension of your identity, and that’s why we offer a personalised approach, guiding you through every step of the production process. From the initial spark of inspiration to the final, polished track, Electric Bear Studios is the catalyst for turning your artistic vision into a sonically captivating reality.

We specialise in Rock, Indie, Metal and most modern genres of music but cover a wide range of music production projects, helping bands stand out from the crowd.

why electric bear studios?

3 Reasons to choose us

music that translates

We create relatable music that cuts through the industry noise to truly represent your sound in the best way.

maximise growth & reach

We develop your vision by offering music production that you are proud to distribute online for new and existing audiences.


Reduce the stress and time it takes to produce music by using Electric Bear Studio’s tailored process.  We take care of the pressure, so you don’t have to!


Acoustic Tracks

An accessible option for acoustic acts wanting to capture what their audience loves.  Deliver high energy and high quality studio content that truly delivers.

Band tracks

Share studio quality live performances to your audience.  Perfect for bands looking for translatable live recordings, ready to share to the world.

Agency tracks

Creating authentic live performance videos that represent your brand is an essential marketing tool for any talent agency.

the process

get started with Live Performances

For over a decade, we have been producing music through our tailored production process that not only creates engaging results but makes us very easy to work with!

Get in touch

It all starts by you reaching out to us.  As a music production specialist, we’ll listen to your requirements and recommend the best steps to take.

Send your ideas

We’ll request your demos, already released music or any general ideas of the project to understand what music production you’re looking for.

Speak to a producer

One of our producers will reply to discuss your project in more detail.  They will send thoughts, ideas and next steps to move the project forward.

Project Begins

Aims and influences confirmed, let’s go! We will book your recording session to start the process of capturing your band.

Why Live Performances?


Production that is executed well can turn a song into a breakthrough track that has the potential to reach a global audience.  We always strive for a professional output.

Reduce Your Stress

Be a band, don’t complicate things!  By outsourcing your music production you can focus on being in a band and not worrying about the technical process, that’s what we do best!

Cost Effective

We invest ££££s into new equipment yearly, this can be at your disposal within the production charges.  We are priced accordingly to give you a great service within your budget.

Experienced Team

Over the years we have produced music for many breakthrough bands releasing independently or through major labels. An experienced team is always better in the end.

Creative but Efficient

The production process can be a lengthy process where time runs away with you!  We like to be creative with ideas but keep within time-constraints enabling an efficient session.

industry leading tech

Creating a great production requires great technology!  We invest heavily into leading equipment to ensure our team has access to the tools required to produce your music.

studio network

We have a fantastic community of session musicians that can be available to add a new flavour to your production.  Our team will guide you through this process if an additional instrument is required.

express yourself

Music can be an emotional extension of your thoughts and expressions. We channel your inner ideas into a production that you are proud of.


We offer a bands, artists and agencies that chance to record a live performance of a song or songs within our studio environment.

We provide a full-service solution that includes both audio and video to provide you with a high quality live performance video.

We provide you with an edited video(s) that is release ready.

We also provide the master audio file(s).  Perfect for a "live session" version of the song(s).

Every project is different and never the same. 

However, we typically can complete the capture of a live performance video within 2-4 hours.

Please get in touch with us for a more tailored approach to your project.

That's not a problem.

Please supply them on a USB or Hard Drive on the day for our engineer to use.

There is no set cost for live performances as it depends on how much time and requirements are required. 

Most single song projects typically cost anywhere between £240 - 360 depending on what is required. 

However, this could be more or less. 

Please get in touch with us to receive your quote.


We provide you with  the full performance video, fully edited, for you to use.

We also provide the audio master(s) as standard.

If you require further cuts, do not hestiate to ask.

You, unless it's a cover...

We take no responsibility for copyright, nor do we take any ownership of the performance!

We can comfortably fit a live 4 piece band within Studio I.

For projects and bands larger than this please get in touch with us to discuss options.

We usually provide the video(s) as an MP4 file alongside a WAV for the mastered audio track(s).

If you require other formats please ask.

We don't offer any internal support for  promotion.

However, our producers can advise what they would do to release music professionally. 

They can also point you in the direction of recommended companies that can help.

Due to the video being live we tend to avoid overdubs or performance edits.

The whole point of our videos is to capture and provide an authentic live performance of a specific project.

It's as simple as that for us, so we ensure we are all happy with the final performance on the day.


We always work with you to make a project happen.

Larger projects usually take time to complete so we'll always work with you to discuss payment options before any commitment.

contact our live performance team

Got questions? our live performance team is available to help, with our expertise on how to move forward with your project.