How To Grow Your Music Career?

Ever asked the question, what steps do I need to take learn how to grow your music career?  We hear similar questions every other day from clients that walk through our door to multiple emails asking questions that miss the point totally!  You can never guarantee a solid, predictable music career but what you can do is set the correct foundations to increase your chances of becoming self-sustained in the industry.

1. Be clever, Set Multiple Goals

Every single person in the music industry has heard someone say this, but is it really that beneficial?  It doesn’t matter whether your starting out in music or coming up to your tenth anniversary you will get to a point where you or someone close to you will set goals & targets to further your chances of being stable within the music career.

List three roles that you’d love to do on a notepad or your phone, somewhere you can change & amend as you progress in the industry.  This could be:-

1. Professional Guitarist / Session Musician

2. Own A Growing Personal Brand

3. Developing A Signature Guitar

Note how the goals above are all linked to each other.  If the personal brand grows the session musician reputation adapts with it, if you develop a successful signature custom made guitar your personal brand develops.

It’s all about the hard work you’re willing to put in.  How bad do you want it?

2. Put In The Work

You cannot grow a stable career in music if you’re not going to grind, work & push for the better of your career.  If you decide to sit watching the next Netflix episode you’re not going to progress very quickly (if at all), opportunities don’t always appear – YOU have to create them or at least help build the opportunity to.

Humans are designed to adapt and learn, if you feel you’re not the person for the job you WILL fail, purely down to the mental attitude towards the idea of change.  ANYONE can develop and produce the confidence to pursue their goals, it just takes plenty of practice.

Don’t think you will be successful overnight, there is a 1% chance of this happening and usually that’s down to the individuals connections that creates an opportunity like that.  Don’t be afraid of failure, it’s your friend, embrace it.

3. Push For More & Grow Online

So we all understand how the world is changing to a cross platform between physical life & our online representation, if you don’t, you need to read more into how adaption/change is a key requirement for the progression of humanity.

It really doesn’t matter what website or social media platforms you’re on, you should be on anything and everything you can commit time to.  People need to find you, to understand what you’re about and if you’ve continued to maintain your profile to a professional relevancy your target audience will either be in touch or will follow your steps.


You have a choice whether to commit time and graft to this but other musicians are already on this.  Your aim is to embed your skillset in front of everyone relevant to your ambition, if you don’t, who’s going to even see you?

4. Be Friendly, Make Connections

So you’re riding the waves with your presence online/offline, by now you should of started talking to fellow music’prenuers but that’s not even the tip of the iceberg with creating life changing connections.

Push your boundaries and professionally connect to everyone you can think of!  Even if it’s not goal related but a simple “Hey, I’m just networking with new people and thought it would be great if we could grab a coffee sometime?” (Which doesn’t always work but you get the picture) this could potentially open a door that further your musical career.

5. Change

A trait for many people can be change.  Who doesn’t like to alter something they’re comfortable with or have been used to for several years?

Technology is moving fast, the world is changing at a speed not many people can dissect and the music industry is young, un-experienced and adverse to change.

If you’ve not noticed, most upcoming successful music’prenuers are walking down the path of stability because they’ve either created great connections with their talent or have adapted to the demand required by music lovers online or offline.

6. Be Professional Or Quit

Simple but straight to the point.

Professional can be subject too many personal opinions, however, it always ends in the same result.

If you don’t come across professional your career will end at some point.  From the way you act to your employers to how your media is portrayed online.  High quality, professional & relevancy are key points.

Plenty will debate this but from experience this could bite you several years down the line.