How it works

Take a look at the process of how our team squeezes the best result from you and your project. 

You can choose which route to take whether that be one particular element or the complete package. 

It’s completely up to you and we ensure you remain in control of your music at all times!

Get In touch about your project

Look at all of the options and decide which may be the best for you.

We may ask you to fill out a Prep Sheet, that helps our engineers & producers understand your influences and vision for your project.

Production & Recording

Your project will either need recording, creating or assisting.
Confirm whether you require music production and/or a recording session from us.

Recording Multitracks are available for third-party mix engineers if required.


If you are using us for mixing, we have a simple process that helps get the best out of us for the project. Once your recording and/or production session(s) are complete, one of our mix engineer(s) will then use your Prep Sheet to complete a first mix.

After you receive your first mix, you can then choose to continue in 2 different ways: 

A. Remotely

We will ask you to fill in a revision form. Every mix service includes up to 2 revisions done remotely.

B. In Session

We will happily book a 2hr mixing session to sit through the project with you instead of remotely.

Mix Session multi-tracks or stems can be organised for an extra charge – please enquire if you require this.

No matter which route you choose, we will provide you with a final mix and an instrumental version of the same mix in both WAV & MP3 format as standard.


In the event that you do not have a mastering engineer or solution already, we can offer our mastering services to bring your track(s) to the highest level for release on all major streaming platforms and in preparation for CD/Vinyl printing.

Our mastering is a cost-effective, musically-focused service designed to treat your track as cleanly as possible.

Our mastering services do not include revisions.

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