Get Started In The Music Industry

published on 28 September 2020

So… you’re thinking about entering the world of music but wondering how you actually get started. Admittedly 2020 isn’t the best year for music… the coronavirus is taking its toll on our un-stable industry but this creates great opportunity to embed yourself in the industry. 

Whilst our industry “re-boots” you can plan, develop and prepare for the new world of music.  We’ve created this short but informative article covering how you can get started in the music industry.

What Interests You?

If you’re reading this article then you’re definitely intrigued into something to do with the music industry.  Whether that be simply down to you liking to sing, playing the drums or you have an interest in music production the simple fact is you enjoy music and may potentially be interested in taking it more seriously.

The question to ask yourself is what actually interests you?  

This is slightly rhetorical… 

It’s an on-going battle to find what you enjoy but this point should always be considered no matter where you are in your music career.  Yes, you will need to knuckle down and focus on the main part that creates the ‘BUZZ’ you feel when enjoying something but never consider your role to be final.

You have to start somewhere… but that start should be an educated position with the cards stacked in your favour to give you the best outcome.  So, in english, what do you enjoy doing in the ‘music’ world to date?

Action is Magic

To find the route to your career you must create opportunity to grow or develop a skill to an in-demand level.  Plenty of people can try avenues and skills but it’s the skill masters that are the position you want to aim for. 

Sounds dumb, but how do you become a skill master?  


No one will give you this opportunity on a plate, you must work hard, fail, take educated risks and push yourself to the next level (ever seen our moto? Click here to find it). Once you have built up your backbone of graft you will start to realise one of two things…

  1. A career in music can be a lifestyle that takes time to build professionally
  2. The music industry isn’t for you

So… are you prepared to put in the work to build you into your infrastructure? 

Master Your Skill

Once you’ve chosen your initial route (singer, songwriter, drummer, engineer, producer, voluntary tea maker for EBS) you will need to master it to gain traction within the industry from a professional level. 

You may think you’ve reached the pinnacle skill level already but honestly… seriously… if you’re reading this you most probably haven’t and need to spend more time on training, marketing and push on all doors within your skill set.  If you feel you aren’t enjoying your position, really disliking it, you may need to look at other alternatives to find the route to happiness.  Everybody embodies bad days but if it’s an on-going depressant you NEED to move on.

Your talent speaks more than words.  A drummers performance, a singers online and in-person talent… marketing can only promote what your song, product or service actually is… If its not attractive, a polished turd then no marketing will enable you to grow within the industry.

Be True

Honesty is very underrated and disguised when applied to the many industries, the music industry being one of them.

The problem people face is the simple fact that your skill, talent or service speaks for itself.  If you aren’t living up to what you promote then you will be caught out and trust between you and your consumer will be damaged.  Sometimes this is un-repairable.

With equipment becoming more available, the music industries expectation globally for top quality music is incredibly high.  If you’re not there then I’m afraid you need to work harder to increase your playing level.

Be true to yourself, where you sit in the industry and keep pushing to level up.  Your level shouldn’t be secret, be transparent and you’ll soon realise what the next steps are within your music career.

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