Our Current Alert Level

National Lockdown

updated on 5th January 2021

This means the following

We are open and will host limited sessions

Any premises used for the making of a film, television programme, audio programme or audio-visual advertisement are exempt from the requirement to close premises and businesses.   

In all tiers, anyone who cannot work from home should continue to travel to their workplace. Work activity that cannot take place from home is permitted under the latest restrictions.

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We can currently host

– Professional Recording Sessions*

– Production Sessions*

– Single Person Rehearsals*

Limited booking times from 10am – 6pm

*That comply with our Policies below, this is for ensure we are COVID Secure.

We cannot currently host

– Multi Person Rehearsals

– Party Sessions (Multi Households)

– Experiences (Multi Households)

– Experiences (Single Households)

Due to our alert level (tier) we cannot allow single or multiple households to meet for leisure purposes

Our Policy

Hand Sanitiser Stations

Available throughout the facility, these should be used each time you pass them.

Face Covering

You need to wear a Face Covering throughout the studio, unless you are in a room on your own.

1M+ Distancing

Clients are expected to try to keep 1m+ from others at all possible times.

No Extra People

Only those required for recording can attend sessions

Limited Kitchen

Strictly limited to drinks. NO fridge or microwave will be available.

No Touching

Avoid touching any studio equipment unless instructed to do so.

No CDs

We will not be burning CDs, Files will be transferred digitally.

5 People Max.

Each studio is Limited to 5 people in a room at one time

No Food

No Food is allowed in the building at any time.   You can eat on the outside decking.

COVID Secure Staff

All staff members are actively checked for signs of COVID-19

Scan Our QR Code

Upon arrival we require you to scan our QR code with your NHS COViD-19 App.  If you cannot we require your Full name and Number

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms please get in touch with us to look to re-schedule. 

If any members of staff start to show signs of COVID-19 we will temporarily close to ensure safety to our loyal clients.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our contact page.