Transforming your ideas into sounds that can be heard.

“Electric Bear Studios is a creative hub that specialises in audio recording and music production.  We help creatives influence the world by helping them take an idea to something everyone can hear.”

Simon Hopkinson – Director

What we offer

Nathan Grisdale


Whether it’s capturing voiceovers or recording full-fledged albums, whether in our studios or on location, our seasoned team of engineers are ready to capture audio with precision and clarity, ensuring your message resonates effectively.


From straightforward compositions to intricate projects that require additional session musicians, our skilled producers work with you to adeptly transform demos, concepts, or briefs into a polished production.

Mixing & Mastering

Whether you’re submitting multitracks or stem packs, seeking immersive mixes or stereo masters, our expert engineers deliver the finishing touches, refining your project to professional standards for seamless distribution.


Designed for individuals aiming to refine their skills, broaden their industry knowledge, and cultivate pathways for career advancement, our academy offers accessible pathways with actionable outcomes.

Audio Branding

Craft a distinctive sonic identity for your brand, company, or agency. Our creative process navigates you through the design, mapping, and development of an audio branding strategy that genuinely strikes a chord.

our Studios

Our studios have been designed, acoustically treated and kitted out with industry leading equipment to ensure your have the right space for the task at hand.


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